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We offer a full suite of organizational development services that help mission-driven organizations articulate their vision, build their capacity, and create sustainable change.
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Our proven approach

Our collaborative approach to creating impact incorporates community feedback, human-centered design, and adaptive strategic planning.

Evaluate the past

The past can be valuable, as long as you learn from it without getting stuck in it. We'll guide you through an introspective look back and break through the "because we've always done it this way" barrier that often holds organizations back.

We'll look at it, learn from it, then let it go.

Analyze the data

Community/stakeholder engagement is the secret sauce for lasting impact. By learning directly from beneficiaries, we make informed decisions that result in lasting solutions.

Develop an adaptive strategy

We've learned that being adaptable is key to success and as the needs of our communities change, we need to be nimble enough to change with it, while maintaining steadfast impact. Our strategic planning approach creates the roadmap that guides organizations through growth, change and evolution.


We create well-resourced communities that are supported by high-functioning, mission-led organizations. By facilitating community-driven solutions, 3rdSight delivers bold impact that disrupts the status quo.
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Board Development

"Lauren is an exceptional listener, she is thoughtful in everything she does, and she can envision--and articulate--big picture thoughts and ideas without losing sight of the small details that make dreams reality. Her creative side comes through in a professional manner that keeps her relatable and FUN to work with! Lauren is someone who will invest in you AND your organization long-term. As you grow, Lauren is the type of consultant you want to keep by your side to navigate the next big unknowns."


Process Improvement

"Lauren created and led a workgroup that ultimately organized and created a consistent process of evaluating grant opportunities. The improved process provided foresight and purpose to ensure resources were available and the opportunity was aligned with strategic priorities."


Program Design

"Lauren pursues all endeavors with passion and integrity. When she backs a cause, it is with true conviction that ignites action from those around her. She is a DOER who brings consistent energy from inception to completion."

Featured services

We design each project around our clients' specific needs. If you don't see what you're looking for, get in touch and we'll explore how 3rd Sight can help.


Define the goals, empower the team, design the structure, develop the roadmap, ACTION! Our strategic planning includes action plans and implementation strategy to ensure our work together is actionable and sustainable.
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Program Development & Expansion

3rdSight partners with your organization's leadership team to design programming to help your mission reach its highest impact potential. Data, in all its forms, are the building blocks to impact. We'll help you better use what you do know and discover what you don't know.
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Growth, Scale & Sustainability

We will help you discover your best opportunities and develop a diversified resource mobilization plan to support sustainable growth.
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Organization Startup & Operations

We specialize in working with organizations in startup or early-stage phases of the life cycle. We operate from a 'data-driven, people centered' mindset to build a strong organizational foundation that supports advancement to and through the growth phase.
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