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After 20 years serving the nonprofit sector, Lauren identified many common challenges organizations faced that prevented their phenomenal work from having optimal impact.

  • The past served as hindrance to progress instead of a learning opportunity
  • Organizations were not structured in a manner that could support sustainable growth
  • Diversified and sustainable funding strategies were limited to non-existent
  • Programming was not evidenced-informed, limiting impact
  • Nonprofits needed to think more like a for profit - with maximum impact being their bottom-line

So, Lauren set out to shake things up and empower organizations to expand their impact through strategic growth, increased efficiency and improved outcomes.


An east coast native, with an insatiable wanderlust, Lauren has led teams in service to her communities in New York, Boston, & Denver, among other cities, as well as internationally. She offers vast experience including:

  • Organizational Development: Policy, Practice, Program Evaluation & Design – Strategic Plan    Development & Implementation
  • Evidence-Based Practice Research & Implementation
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Organization Startup

Through these services, Lauren aims to develop sustainable and often bold solutions that

  • close gaps,
  • build continuity of care,
  • disrupt the status quo,
  • build a culture of strategic foresight,
  • and ultimately help organizations achieve the true potential of their impact by letting their most exciting ideas come out and play.

Notable work and projects include leadership, program design and development, process improvement, and resource mobilization for: The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Nurse-Family Partnership, Stepping Stones International, and the City of New York among others. In 2019 Lauren was selected as 1 of 6 capacity building experts to travel to Botswana, Africa to develop a community-driven curriculum and run workshops for over 30 Civil Society Organizations [CSOs] as part of the “SE TLOGELWATSATSING” initiative. This project epitomized cross-sector collaboration, with a shared goal to combat HIV as a public health crisis by 2030. Much of her work centered around capacitating organizations to create best practice interventions that increase safety for children and youth impacted by the HIV epidemic and mobilize resources for widespread implementation. Lauren’s work on the projects successfully organized and activated a cadre of CSOs helping to build a communitywide response in urban, rural and semi-rural regions to protect the health and wellness of vulnerable children across the country.

Lauren received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Northeastern University and her Master’s in Public Administration with a specialized degree in Policy Analysis & Evaluation from Baruch School of Public Affairs. She is certified in LEAN Foundations & Management Systems through Denver Health's LEAN Academy as well as in Justice Informed Practice through the Center for Urban Community Services in New York City. 

Values & Approach

"Put a grain of boldness into everything you do"

Lauren operates through four pillars that guide her approach as a consultant and thought-partner: 

(1) Build consensus and a shared sense of purpose

(2) Disrupt the status quo through curious pursuit of information and understanding

(3) Be data-driven but people-centered

(4) Ensure communication, feedback loops and transparency, because if you’re not listening,       you’re not learning.

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Lauren Palumbo

Founder & CEO

Lauren is the Founder, CEO and Lead Consultant for THIRD SIGHT Strategies, an International boutique consulting firm based in Denver, CO. She builds capacity for mission-driven organizations to support strategic growth, expand impact and improve outcomes. She is driven by a fervent desire to disrupt the status quo and believes the best solutions come through curious pursuit of that disruption – a time for organizations to let their most exciting ideas come out & play, to reach the true potential of their impact.

Robbin Meneses

Grants Specialist

Originally from Miami, Florida, Robbin is an avid cook, learning to transform his family’s traditional Latin dishes to be vegetarian. Drawing on his passion for social equity work, he takes on a community organizing approach that helps create changemakers and effective altruists to elevate our neighbors. He has spent years fundraising for various nonprofits focusing on health, education, immigration, and environmental in Miami, Florida. He earned his Executive MPA with a focus on Nonprofit and Community Development from Florida International University.

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